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Song of Increase Book

Song of Increase Book

Song of Increase teaches us to interact with bees (and all of Nature) in a respectful manner.  You will become a better keeper of bees and through your behavior a better human being. Click the book cover above to purchase Song of Increase.


Helping Bees live the way Nature intended

Spirit Bee

Welcome to Spirit Bee

Bees live in wholeness. They dedicate themselves to working within the hive in ways we humans don’t grasp because we humans have individual personalities. Bees have the hive, and each individual pours love into the care and keeping of the colony.

A typical bee colony is made up of thirty to fifty thousand honeybees living inside a magical, womblike enclosure. Though individuals, every bee within the colony works for the good of the hive to help it function perfectly. Honeybees are interdependent, relying upon each other to create the working hive that allows and encourages them to flourish. They live in a perfect communion most of us lost long ago. The bees help jog our memories of what it is to live a life of devotion, joy, and loving membership in a strong, committed tribe.

– From Song of Increase by Jacqueline Freeman

To this spirit of Unity, we dedicate our Spirit Bee website. We hope that by showing you more of the bees’ perspective, we can work together for the betterment of all.

We invite you to explore new information about honeybees and their natural and spiritual role in the world of Nature.

Here’s a swarm in Jacqueline’s front yard. Put this on full screen and see the bees up close.

We invite you to explore our site to discover what we are about.