Bee swarm season is nearly here

Every spring I am swarm-betrothed. I am deeply moved by everything a swarm does. I’m touched by knowing the hive is filling up with drone eggs weeks before the nursery ‘s seams swell with the baby-maidens. I feel like the colony and I have a secret that few know. I revel in the busyness of their pollen missions to feed the newborns. I delight in seeing the fresh and fuzzy young foragers begin their field journeys.

Preservation Beekeeping Council

How can we help honeybees and pollinators locally and worldwide? What considerate and respectful bee care methods are people using? Have you read any relevant apicentric research or learned of the “old ways” of keeping bees? If these ideas interest you, you may want to become a member of the Preservation Beekeeping Council.

Jacqueline and Susan Chernak-McElroy formed this non-profit to better the health of pollinators by promoting environmentally-sound bee homes, abundant clean forage, and a new paradigm of care that establishes sustainable, bee-centered methods of tending bees with respectful observation and kind-hearted collaboration.

Our apiculture is based in the wisdom of the bees.

Our website, posts blogs and videos of our monthly club meetings, promotes activities and fundraisers, news about bees, effective hive styles, video and audio library and more. Most is up, more coming soon. Daily, our Facebook page connects member beekeepers who share ideas, photos and videos and status updates on how our bees are doing.

Click here to visit our Facebook page.

If you live near southwest Washington, our club meetings are first Saturday 10 – 12 noon at the Camas Public Library in Washington State. We just started live broadcasts from our meetings, so you can interact with our programs even from afar. Last meeting we had viewers from all the way from France! We hope to start new chapters and bring people together all around the world. Stay tuned!

Click this link to learn how you can become an active member, and wander around the site to see what we’re up to. We’re always adding new things to the site. Please come back frequently and see what else we’ve posted. Perks, discounts on classes, free events and lots of support for fellow beekeepers.

(super thanks to Thea Weiss Hayes for her substantial contribution of work helping this organization fly!)


Song of Increase book news

I just learned something interesting. Amazon sent me a note saying when I have 100 reviews from readers who’ve bought SONG OF INCREASE through them, that they will begin suggesting this book to people searching for a bee book. This would be a great way to let more people know about the book. I currently have 86 reviews and only need 14 more.

Did you buy your SONG OF INCREASE through Amazon?

If you did (or if you want to buy it), GO HERE. Just above the book cover you’ll see “86 customer reviews.” Click on that link and it will take you to a graph. To the right of the graph, click on the link that says, “Write a Customer Review.”

Thank you a bazillion times. The book has a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars which is outstanding. Recent reviews say…

“As a naturalist, I found this book fascinating. It is revealing in a very real and yet poetic way to anyone who has no knowledge of bees. The spirit of the bees comings shining through in this gem. Totally recommend it!”

“Five stars. Changed my life. I’d give it a thousand stars if I could.”

“This book blew me away. It opened my eyes to the world of divine intelligence and inspired me to look into the possibility of being a bee keeper!”

If you bought the book anywhere else, GoodReads also asks for reviews. Thank you, every dear reader, for lending precious time to sharing this alternative perspective on our little corner of nature.