Learning from the Bees Conference

Berlin, Germany: August 2019


Founded by the Natural Beekeeping Trust in 2018, this conference combined a Zeidlerei (tree bees) workshop and the bee-centric conference. The event sparked cross-disciplinary dialogue among beekeepers, foresters, farmers, and people who appreciate bees. Our topic, “How can we, together, envision an alternative future for beekeeping that’s aligned with Nature and informed by what bees need?” Jacqueline spoke on Bees and Social Change and was on panels with bee researchers, natural history experts, and seasoned bee-centric beekeepers.

Do You Speak French?

Documentary film INTERVIEW:

Jacqueline talks about the nature of bees, with Pierre Aucante, who wrote the foreword for the French version of SONG OF INCREASE. This was filmed on Pierre’s organic farm in the Loire Valley in September 2018. The film is in French but everything I say is in English. It’s really quite a lovely film!

Highlights included speaking at the


August to September 2018: The Netherlands

This conference, the first of its kind, brought together natural beekeepers, scientists, nature conservationists, artists and bee-lovers from all over the world. Together, we shifted our gaze from contemporary apicultural practices towards a Culture of the Bee, exploring the messages pollinators are giving us about ourselves and our relationship with the land. We wove strong international initiatives that return health and resilience to the honeybee worldwide. (Jacqueline taught two sections and Susan joined the skep weavers).

Workshop: September 2018 in Glastonbury, England – Jacqueline

How do we work towards mutual spiritual evolution of all beings? This is not a ‘how to keep bees’ workshop. Instead we work to understand their nature and work with the relational aspects of being around bees as they call our attention to subtleties that stretch us beyond our own boundaries and perceptions, bringing joy to our connection with them and with all of Nature.