Bees in Flight 1

Bee Meditation

Jacqueline’s book, The Song of Increase, has a a beautiful healing meditation in the chapter titled Quantum Healing: A Temple of Unity. Part of this mediation is a sound healing. The audio book version of The Sound of Increase includes sound of bees in this section but due to length constraints, the bee audio duration is limited. A longer version of that audio for personal use is available here.

Before I recorded this audio for the book, I asked one of my hives for permission to do so. I explained how the audio would be used and then read this section of the book to them out loud. The hive remained calm and was not bothered by my presence. I set up my microphone at the entrance to the hive in a way that would record both the internal sounds of the maidens working, and the comings and goings of forager bees. This recording session lasted about 15 minutes. I knew it was time to stop when a little bee flew to me and thumped me on my head! I thanked and Blessed the hive and walked away with joy in my heart. ~ Robin

Email your order to me (Robin) at I will send you a PayPal link for payment and then send a link to download the audio file.

Your experience will be greatly enhanced if you listen to this audio with stereo speakers or using headphones/earbuds.

This MP3 is over 14 minutes in length. Cost is $5.00.